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brrr...freakin' weather

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Picture%201.png Ok, it's so cold right now that there's ice or something forming on my Yahoo! weather widget. Seriously though - it's supposed to depict blowing snow but I think the iciness of it is telling. In our part of Canada, the weather's been so warm this year that as of January 14 there was new grass coming up in people's lawns - enough so you could see the green. Pretty weird since, well, it is January and it is Canada (albeit close to the 49th parallel). Anyway, winter finally decided to show up on Jan 15th with a snowstorm (not too much snow) but the cold that followed is downright rude. As you can see from the widget it's -14°C (7°F) but the windchill makes it feel like -23°C (-9 °F) out. Tomorrow morning is expected to be -19°C (-2°F) with a windchill to -31°C (-24°F). They call this weather system a Siberian Express. Ewwww. Not fun after the balmy +7s or so we've been used to.

And we come to my guilty little secret now - so if this is climate change, where winter in Canada doesn't really kick in until mid-January, well - I kind of don't mind that at all. It's easier on heating bills, it's more comfortable to be out and around. Winter with snow and cold starting in November used to depress the hell out of me but now I can handle the 70-90 days of winter. Where I live, the winters were far from idyllic anyway. The cold is damp and works it's way right down to your bones. But it wasn't always so.

As a kid, I remember spending tons of time outside playing in the snow or skating in the park. But those days were the frosty dry cold, where the air is so cold that the snow gets squeaky; the sky a brilliant blue but glittering from snow dust blowing off the roofs of houses. That was ok, and we dressed for the cold anyway (or rather our moms dressed us) in layers and snowsuits, hats, mitts scarves, until we could barely move, and then threw us out into the yard. Those winters were Canada. But then it got a bit milder, the winters seemed to become soggy and cold and unpleasant. More icy than snow packed. Hard to walk in, hard to drive in, hard to want to be outside in. And then...

It just seemed to warm up so that winter came later and later. Until now, people wish for it but the chance of us having a white Christmas is around 30% or so. (A far cry from the 80% chance it used to be maybe 10 years ago).

And it really is a guilty pleasure because although I secretly relish a late winter/early spring, intellectually I know it's wrong, wrong, wrong, to have green grass in Canada in January. Brrr. That's the shiver of anticipation knowing that I can enjoy the mild winters right now but there will be consequences. sigh I just don't want to go back to the slushy messy winters - maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we could return right back to the ones of my childhood. Well for now, it almost seems like it outside. Time to toss another blanket on the bed and make sure everyone's cozy. It gonna be a cold one tomorrow.

hmmph .... snow

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I turn around in my chair to get ready to pack up and leave the office, and what do I see out my window? Snow. Gently falling, pretty little flakes of snow. Guess it had to happen sooner or later. It won't stay though - it's supposed to rain later on tonight. Hmmm...maybe it's time to put the winter tires on the car. I don't know - I keep trying to hold off on that at least until December. Kinda like those people who keep wearing shorts until their legs turn blue from the cold.

weekend update ...

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... or more minutiae of mundania :)

Man! Is it Tuesday already? The days just seem to be zipping by. This past weekend was full of activity - a belated bowling birthday party for Aliya on Saturday, and a quick trip to Fredericton on Sunday where I competed in the Fencing NB Provincial Championships. I hope I get a chance to relax and do a bit of yard work this coming weekend. Yeesh!

bowling on a saturday afternoon

So what better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon than with a bunch of kids at the bowling lanes. I just love old bowling lanes - the ones with the googie touches in their decor. And these lanes have been around for an eternity - I think they're the oldest ones in Saint John. The party was a success - food first, then cake, then bowling - what more is needed? The kids had a lot of fun chucking balls down the lane (sorry mr. manager!) and a few, quite obviously, had played the game before. And of course, there was the obligatory wipe out - man those stinky bowling shoes can be pretty slippery.

Saturday night: Ahhhh - Aliya went to a sleepover at her friends house - so of course D and I took a run down to Blockbuster and rented "Closer". Hmmm - I'm not a big fan of Jude Law or Julia Roberts but I do like Clive Owen and Natalie Portman. The movie was excellent. I liked the clever segues/timeshifts. I liked the clever dialogue. I really liked the ending. It's a definite see.

All night long it rained a deluge and the next day Billie and I were to go to Fredericton to the competition. The St. John river has been in flood stage for the past couple of days and parts of Fredericton were flooded - yikes - but we're adventuresome so off we went. The water was surprisingly high in some areas along the road (which is kind of creepy) but we managed to get to the venue just fine. Maybe the news people are overhyping the flood stuff somewhat... Anyway - the tournament was fun and I managed to get into the top 8 pool again (yes!) and even though I got smoked (only one victory in the pool - sigh) I was still pretty happy with my performance over all. In the women's finals I took the gold again - so was pretty elated about that too. In the open I ended up 8th. Not a bad way to end the season. Now I've got the summer to think about and plan what I want to do with my fencing and set some goals for the coming season.

what to do when it's a blizzard outside...

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Boxing Day was a bit of a bust when a pretty strong nor'easter blew into town with winds gusting to 100km/hr and a bunch of snow to whip around. So we got to spend that time (instead of fighting the crowds at the Boxing Day sales) as a family down in the basement in front of the TV. We hunkered down in our cozy clothes and popped Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended version in the DVD. An enjoyable way to spend about 4 hours. By the way, I felt the extended version was much better than the theatre cut because it did tie up some story lines better. Anyway, what do you do to pass the time when a storm keeps you housebound?'s more like spring

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What is up with this wacky weather? Today was a balmy +7° C and the winter wonderland is one big pool of slush. The weather channel is also predicting +8 or so tomorrow as well as torrential rain overnight. And this to be followed by a quick freeze. *super*
I was out this afternoon trying to chop up the icy slushy mess in the driveway so the water will have somewhere to go and we don't end up with a skating rink. Man, what a chore! Thankfully D helped out when he got home from work but I'm feeling the soreness starting up. Time to cozy up on the couch with a movie.

winter's here...

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We woke up on Saturday morning to see it was snowing out. Yikes! November 14 and it's started to snow. Well it snowed all day and was windy enough to blow the stuff around. That's the snow I like least - the kind that blows off the roof in sparkly ice crystals and finds its way down the back of your neck. Brr. I've decided to try to enjoy winter more - after all, we have it for what seems like an eternity every year, might as well learn to like it.
Well at least the sun came out today but it still was very cold out. I think winter's made an early arrival. Must go get some snow tires...sigh.



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