I started this blog in 2004 as an experiment for work in writing tableless HTML using CSS. At the time it meant a lot of serious learning about and ripping apart of the MT2 template code and hacking it back together - it was ugly but it worked. It was also my first attempt at blogging and consequently the content had no real focus. Basically it became a repository of random thoughts, some technical bookmarks, and some articles for posterity. That was then.

Now it's 2012. I've decided I want to reinvigorate this blog so I bought the domain name and moved it off the company server and over to a web host account with Dreamhost. In the process I also upgraded to MT5, and have once again hacked the default template to mostly keep the look of the old blog and start replacing the structure with HTML5/ CSS3. The underlying structure is very convoluted and while I've achieved the original goal of quickly getting the look close to the old site, I'd really like to create a whole new set of HTML5/CSS3 templates for it. So that's the next goal:  a set of adaptive templates using HTML5/CSS3. At least that's the plan. As well, I plan to have more focus to the content, more technical articles and pointing to resources, but also some personal commentary as well because after all, it is my personal perspective and my journey.

My name is Isil Flynn and you can find me on most social networks as iflynn. I work as a User Experience/UI designer for the University of New Brunswick. I love working with people to understand the way they approach an interface. I love solving problems. I'm passionate about making aesthetically pleasant and usable interfaces. You can find out a bit more about me at my about.me profile. Thanks for dropping by.



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