20 books in 2012 challenge

This was one of a few New Year's resolutions I made to myself this year and I'm going to use this page to track my progress. While I have literally a rubbermaid bin full of books I've yet to read, I decided to start off with the books I received as Christmas (2011) gifts.

Book 1: I Want Those Shoes!

by Paola Jacobbi

shoes-book-cover.jpg(Completed Jan 8, 2012) A short book of a series of essays on various types of women's shoes and the emotional attachment felt by women towards each type. I found it interesting even though it really just skimmed the surface of this topic.

Book 2: You Had Me at Woof

by Julie Klam

woof-book-cover.jpg(Completed Jan 13, 2012) I loved this book! Very funny at times, and at times very sad. I admit I needed kleenex at one part. Julie Klam is a wonderful writer. The book is about her experiences with dogs and rescue dogs in particular - each having a different personality and all finding their way into her heart.

Book 3: Idaho Winter

by Tony Burgess

idaho-winter-book-cover.jpg(Completed Jan 18, 2012) I'm not entirely sure what to think of this book. It was an interesting example of experimental narrative where the author's point of view changes from observing to participating in the story. Kind of a fresh take on telling a story. Darkly humourous and strangely compelling. If you're looking for a traditional storyline - this book is not for you.



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