No surprise over iPhone rates in Canada

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And as suspected, Rogers did not disappoint in offering less than stellar rates for the new iPhone 3G. As usual, Canadians will line up like sheep to get seriously boned over the ludicrous "deal" from Rogers to use the iPhone. The cheapest plan is $60/month with a whopping 400MB of data included. Free evenings and weekends except, hello, evenings are near to over by 9pm (see: wikipedia definition), and so in order to get real evening minutes we shall have to shell out an extra $20 for a "value" package. Plus add on the system access fee, the telco 911 fee, and the provincial 911 fee... feh! The addons will run you about $30 or so on top of the advertised rate which, to me, seems a lot. And that, folks, is life when you have only one supplier of the product. Sigh.

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So did you get one? I bit the bullet, and I must say, it makes me pretty happy. But I didn't have an iPod touch; maybe if I had the iPhone wouldn't seem so cool.

I agree about Rogers. Here's hoping they get some competition sometime soon.

Hi Miriam, no actually I didn't. I had them figure out the total cost to me per month with how i wanted to use it and it came to around $100/month :p ick! The TCO then works out to $299 + $3600 over the term of the contract. Yeeaaah, I think not. I might get the Samsung Instinct from Bell instead...

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