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I'm all about consolidation these days, trying to simplify the many into few. A person's online presence can be multi-faceted as you may be revealing different piece of your person through different systems for viewing by different sets of people. Being able to links these facets together so that you can more easily disseminate the content is the goal that I'm after.

So it happens that I have this blog, a facebook account and accounts on Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku. A lot of services to post information to. A while ago, I had a posted discussing whether to use pownce, twitter or jaiku for a microblogging platform. While all have their merits, I found that Twitter seems to be the one I've been using more often than not and the trouble of trying to keep up with three services that kind of all do the same thing was more than I wanted to deal with. So I went dark (so to speak) on both pownce and jaiku - on both of which I have different sets of "friends". And then there was my blog and my facebook. I found that my blog posts suffered as I started hanging out more often on Facebook and posting more and more technical updates there. Lately I felt I needed some way to bring all these bits of my electronic self together and try to link them all up.

Through sheer serendipity I happened across Twhirl. Twhirl is a Twitter client which, while posting to Twitter, will also cross post to your Pownce and Jaiku accounts. Are you kidding me? It's just what I was looking for. Fantastic!! So that takes care of the twitter stuff. Now how to integrate my Facebook and blog?

I had already set up my blog to pull my facebook postings into the content, but I wanted it to go the other way as well and so set up facebook to pull my blog posts in as posted facebook notes. (Just pull your blog in as a notes feed). That was easy. Nice. Now I feel motivated to write longer posts on my blog once again and I really like the fact that it also gets posted to my facebook.

There are a few bits of me still scattered around out there but the important stuff is now better linked and I can determine what to do with the other stuff later, for now I'm writing more and posting less but posting to more places - works for me :)

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In a recent post by Anton Peck, I gave a reply which was also about online/social network consolidation. See here:

Okay, so my consolidating didn't involve 'pounce' or 'haiku'...and I've killed my twitter account for various reasons (not least: the site keeps crashing every time I try and use it)...but I'm certainly going to be consolidating my online content quite a bit.

Hi Matt, Thanks for the comment. I read what you wrote at Anton's site too. Yeah, it certainly makes sense to try and minimize the effort of keeping everything updated.

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