The Death of HTML email?

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It occurred to me as I was reading about Raven Zachary's $837.20 iPhone bill that as the iPhone is released to more and more countries, and if (or when) it becomes as ubiquitous as the iPod, then there shall be a mighty backlash against marketers and spammers pushing their wares/messages via HTML email as it will be chewing up peoples' precious data allotments - a direct hit to the wallet, at least until WiFi gains the coverage of airspace that mobility currently enjoys. I don't necessarily see that happening in the near future, and I certainly don't see a major restructuring of mobility revenue models. I think the reality will be that HTML email will become anathema to a much wider and far more vocal group than the email purists currently railing on about it. That will be a very good thing in my opinion.

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Just noting: HTML e-mail dying a death would be welcomed by me because it is essentially wrong, possible...(oh yes) but quite wrong! My previous views on this caused a bit of a friction at the end of last year, see:

Wow you sure set off a shitstorm there ;) I agree that it is essentially wrong but really I think there will be an outcry in Canada (at least) where our mobility rates are extortionate, unless of course our, what is essentially a, cartel of telcos (Bell, Telus and Rogers) can deliver rates more in line with the rest of the world - and there is no motivation for them to do that. If or rather when I get my iPhone, I sure would like to be able to know which emails are HTML and be able to dump em before downloading them. I definitely won't want my data allotment chewed up by crap.

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