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I caught a really cool commerical on TV last night - for Dentyne gum - where todays commonplace social networking terms were portrayed by people acting them out in real-life activities. What initially caught my interest was the use of the buzzwords, what kept my interest was relating it to "face-to"face" activities. Fresh!

Checking out their website I found it really cool that they have a 3 minute countdown after which the website "shuts down" and they encourage you to put away the computer and go outside and have some face time. How truly radical! It seems a sad sort of commentary on the state of things as we find people more and more relating to each other across the digital networks rather than face to face... in an effort to bring the world closer, are we really pushing people apart? Face time is indeed important, often I find myself now choosing to walk down the hall to confer with a colleague rather than sending an email or picking up the phone. A little more effort yes but a lot more rewarding. Anyway, an interesting ad campaign - take 3 minutes, check it out, then go outside and meet a friend.

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