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A new piece of electronic gear arrived the other day (an early Christmas gift perhaps ;) ) and while (ahem) checking to make sure nothing was broken in transit (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) I decided to read the installation instructions. The first four items on the instruction manual (in bold type no less):

  1. Read Instructions
  2. Retain Instructions
  3. Heed Instructions
  4. Follow Instructions

And then the usual instructions for care and maintenance ensue. My god - I'm literally laughing out loud. Dare I say it? Was this written by ... uhm... women perhaps?? :D

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See, a guy wouldn't have even bothered reading the first line - it would have been just "Right, what does this do then, no need for instructions!"

....then, probably getting it all horribly wrong and should have read the instructions in the first place! :D

Haha Matt - are you speaking from experience perhaps?? :D

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