Yosemite fixes roundup

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Well Yosemite (OS X 10.10) is out and issues seem to be piling up. At work we've been told to hold off on installing the update until further testing determines our systems will work as per normal. I'm keen to set up the new update but will wait until told otherwise. In the mean time, I've sussed out the common issues being reported by those who had already updated before the hold fast warning came out, and more importantly some of the fixes that have worked for some folks. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list!  

Visit the source links for the how-to's

  • WiFi issue: "Your network works fine for a while, typically between about 30 seconds and five minutes, and then fairly abruptly begins to suffer almost total traffic loss."
    The fix:  Try resetting the SMC   (has worked on iMacs and MacBook Airs)
    Source: MacDaily News - 2014/10/22

  • Booting into Safe Mode: "After upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might encounter a problem where your Mac appears to always boot in Safe Mode,..."
    The fix involves one or more of the below:  
         1) Reset the PRAM 
         2) Fix your Hard Drive 
         3) Format your Hard Drive
    Source: MacIssues - 2014/10/20

  • Apple Mail Crashing: "After upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might find Apple's Mail application may crash or hang when you open it, preventing you from accessing any new messages."
    The fix: involves one or more of the below
         1) Launch Mail in Safe Mode
         2) Boot your Mac into Safe Mode to launch Mail
         3) Remove Mail saved state
         4) Temporarily disable Mail accounts
         5) Uninstall or disable any 3rd party Mail add-ons
         6) Remove and rebuild Mail's container
    Source: MacIssues - 2014/10/19 (updated 2014/10/20) 

    (As an aside - it seems that Outlook 2011 seems to work perfectly)

  • Juniper VPN issues: Network Connect hangs, Junos Pulse won't work.
    The fix: Seems to be to use newer version of Network Connect instead of Junos Pulse -- see last Forum entry in the source link.
    The Source: MacRumors Forum - entry #17 dated 2014/10/22

  • DNS issues: Trouble accessing .local domain
    The fix: open a Terminal session and run this command:   sudo discoveryutil mdnsactivedirectory yes  
    Apple Support Communities (entry by Kenneth Barnt on 2014/10/23)

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